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 Dr.Hardware Premium Edition v8.0.0e

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Dr.Hardware Premium Edition v8.0.0e Drhd2007

Dr. Hardware ist made for everyone. It will help both the expert and the
novice to answer all questions regarding hardware, configuration and
power of his computer. Dr. Hardware is an useful diagnostic utility that
will come in handy.
Dr. Hardware concentrates his efforts on detecting and inquiring the core
hardware and the connected devices of your computer. Also several
relevant information about resources and operating system will be given.
It shows the really relevant information: important hardware data as well
as somewhat sophisticated stuff, that can become of interest under
certain circumstances, for example when dealing with the customer
For experts the program also provides the underlying data structures,
e.g. dump of the PCI configuration space or of SDRAM modules eeprom.
Several charts and diagrams visualize data relations, e.g. free vs. used
drive capacity or benchmark results.
Finally it´s worth to mention that all data are written to and maintained
within a database consisting of numerous tables and you are able to edit
these data in the programs text fields and grids, that show the results
Dr. Hardware covers the whole machine and includes not only the common
stuff (like processor detection etc.) but also some more sophisticated
tests like hardware sensor, ATA/S-ATA/Atapi and network analysis.


Dr.Hardware Premium Edition v8.0.0e Sonov2
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Dr.Hardware Premium Edition v8.0.0e
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