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 Artizen HDR Advanced v2.4.18

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Artizen HDR Advanced v2.4.18

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Citação :
With the recent boom of Digital Devices such as Cameras and Scanners, image editing has become a forest of applications. This has its advantages and disadvantages, the professional enjoys the diversity and competition that helps bring down the prices of some high-end applications. On the other hand, home users are left spending money on dozens of redundant application that individually have to be learned and maybe have one or two features that are needed. This is where Artizen HDR excels.
Artizen is the first all-in-one HDR (High Dynamic Range) and LDR (Low Dynamic Range) solution for home and professional photographer. Artizen is a complete package, that eliminates the need to buy numerous editing applications. Artizen is your;

* 8bit (LDRi), 16bit (LDRi) and 32bit (HDRi) Image Editor
* Unlimited Multi Processor Support
* HDR Tone Mapping Application with 11+ Operators
* HDR Merging Tool with x, y alignment and masking support.
* HDR x, y Auto Alignment.
* Panoramic Fisheye Creator.
* Color Correction Tool with more than 20+ different options.
* Screen Capture Tool
* Metadata Editor (Exif, GPS, and IPTC)
* Image Browser of over 42+ File Formats
* Batch Processor
* Icon Creator
* Digital Camera RAW Image Editor with support for 11+ RAW File Formats
* Artistic Painter
* Web Gallery Creator
* Image Slicer & Web Page Generator
* and so much more...







Enjoy. Smile

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Artizen HDR Advanced v2.4.18
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